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Young people, from kid to tween to teen, have active minds! Hurray! But when those active minds use the Internet, protection is needed.

weNetOK makes the Internet available on your terms — safely, at sites you approve.

Ideal for homework, skill-building games, and more in classrooms, youth centers, homes, and churches.


How to install a weNetOK network version

  1. Click on the version you want to download.
    • When you see the download dialog, choose Run.
    • If you see a security warning, confirm that the publisher is “Good Wind Software, Inc.” and then choose Run.
  2. The installer program will begin.
  3. After weNetOK is installed, start the program.
    • Start Administrator mode by pressing the Ctrl, Shift, and T keys together.
    • The initial password is trial.
      • You may use this password, but this is a good time to change the password so that students will not be able to access Administrator mode.
    • Share the weNetOK program
      • From the File menu, choose “Network Settings”.
      • When the Network Settings dialog displays, click the “Share the weNetOK program folder” button.
      • A message confirming the share is displayed.
      • Close the dialog and close the weNetOK program.
  4. For each network computer where you want weNetOk to be available, follow these steps:
    • Go to the computer and open the network browser
      • This is usually an icon on the desktop called “Network” or “My Network Places”
    • Navigate to the machine where weNetOK is installed.
    • Open the folder called “weNetOKShare”.
    • Run the program “Network Seat Install”.

weNetOK is now ready to run on your networked machines.

If you ever want to remove a weNetOK network seat from a computer, go to the computer, open the weNetOKShare and run the program “Network Seat Uninstall”.