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Young people, from kid to tween to teen, have active minds! Hurray! But when those active minds use the Internet, protection is needed.

weNetOK makes the Internet available on your terms — safely, at sites you approve.

Ideal for homework, skill-building games, and more in classrooms, youth centers, homes, and churches.


How does weNetOK work?

When you install weNetOK, a shortcut is created on your desktop. You start weNetOK from the shortcut.

weNetOK provides a protection wrapper for Internet Explorer and shows you the signal image on the upper right of the screen. If you just run Internet Explorer, there is no protection and you won't see the signal image.

weNetOK displays pages from websites that are on the approved websites list. When a user attempts to see a page that is not approved, the page will not be displayed.


Can parents use the web normally?

Absolutely. You direct children to use weNetOK to keep them safe. As the parent or teacher, you can use the web browser that you prefer. And in weNetOK, you can enter your password and browse websites freely.


Can websites be added?

Yes. The weNetOK Administrator may add websites. The Administrator role is password-protected so only the teacher or parent may add websites.


What if I lose my Administrator password?

Email technical support for help. We can help you recover your password.


When I look at certain web pages, part of a web page is not displayed. Why?

Normally, all of the content on a web page is displayed from the website you are viewing. Some web pages pull content from other websites. If the page content is not from an approved website, weNetOK does not display it. This assures that content is only displayed from sites that you approve.


What are the system requirements?

weNetOK works on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.


What is a network seat?

A network seat is one computer connected to a local network. For example, if your classroom has ten computers, you have ten network seats. This is different from the number of users. During the school day, each computer in your classroom may have many different users. When you purchase a weNetOK network seat, you are purchasing the right to use weNetOK on one computer; any number of users may use this computer.