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Young people, from kid to tween to teen, have active minds! Hurray! But when those active minds use the Internet, protection is needed.

weNetOK makes the Internet available on your terms — safely, at sites you approve.

Ideal for homework, skill-building games, and more in classrooms, youth centers, homes, and churches.


Buy weNetOK

weNetOK is available in single-user and network versions.

When you buy a network version, you install weNetOK on one computer and then use an included activation program to allow other computers on your network to access weNetOK.

For network versions, the number of computers is limited, but the number of users is not limited.

Not sure which version is right for you? Contact us by email or call (541) 387-3122.







A single-user version of weNetOK for use on one computer.









Home Network Version

Network version of weNetOK for use on up to three computers.









Small Computer Lab

Network version of weNetOK for use on up to ten computers.










Network version of weNetOK for use on up to thirty computers.









Site License

Site licenses are available for weNetOK and are easy to arrange.
Please contact our sales department for pricing.
Special home pricing is available for schools that have site licenses.