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Young people, from kid to tween to teen, have active minds! Hurray! But when those active minds use the Internet, protection is needed.

weNetOK makes the Internet available on your terms — safely, at sites you approve.

Ideal for homework, skill-building games, and more in classrooms, youth centers, homes, and churches.

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Change the culture

You can provide safety and freedom. No more watching over young ones’ shoulders making sure they are safe. weNetOK's unique signal image lets you see from across the room whether they are browsing safe websites. Change your culture from watching and forbidding to relaxed and allowing.

Positive security

Filtering out every problem website is impossible. weNetOK uses a positive approach — kids browse only approved websites. Links to unapproved websites are automatically disabled. weNetOK comes with pre-screened websites for math, reading, homework, science projects, games, and more.


Easy to manage

Just install and you’re ready to go. Add websites to the approved list from any computer with just three clicks. Added websites are immediately available on every computer. Student enrollment is
not required.


Buy weNetOK once. weNetOK has no subscription hassles, no nagging to buy add-on products, no in-program advertising, no promotional pop-ups, and no promotion of commercial sites.




Home school helper

Use the Internet’s incredible, free resources with peace of mind.

An ideal gift

Grandparents, PTA, PTO — promote child safety. Give weNetOK as a gift. Online purchasing makes this easy.

Block email, chat, downloads

With weNetOK, control potentially harmful activities.

No spying

weNetOK doesn’t spy on users or track sites visited.
The free trial doesn’t require your email address or any registration.

Serious and fun

weNetOK is suitable for all ages using the Internet for study and fun.

Print Option

Save paper and ink by turning off the printing of web pages.


Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act

weNetOK can be a part of your school’s strategy to meet the requirements of S.1492.

Uses Microsoft security updates

weNetOK uses Internet Explorer to display websites. Microsoft provides the critical security updates every browser needs. When you run Windows Update, weNetOK is automatically updated.

Make the IT Department happy

weNetOK doesn’t interfere with your existing system setup. weNetOK is compatible with school computer control programs.

An awesome Facebook password hacker

This might sound like an old record, however as of recent we have partnered up with Blue Portal seeing as we believe that this is a natural transition to ensure safety on the internet. With social media being the dominant niche online we feel that it is of great importance to teach our young ones how to properly secure their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Facebook has come to stay and so have Facebook hackers. If you have a Facebook account you will definitely be under attack sooner or later. Blue Portal shows you how easy it is to hack a Facebook account and thus you can better find out where your security lacks and how to improve it. We suggest you to head over there now and see for yourself.


Money back guarantee

30 day, no hassle, money back guarantee.



For a lighter side look at why we need weNetOK, see our video Mr. Twigg's Class.